Military Dog Tag Set

Design tags Bulk Military Dog Tags-Great Deal.  50 tag minimum purchase required for this price.
Stock Design Tags
Our Price: $5.99
Bulk tags
Our Price: $1.25
Full color logos.  Choose from 15 designs. $1.25 per tag and 27" chain. Minimum order 25.
Engraved Photo Pendant also includes a shiny chain. Design tag with dog tag
Engraved Photo Tags
Our Price: $19.99
Design Tag with Dog Tag
Our Price: $8.99

Have your favorite photo engraved on a beautiful dog tag pendant. 

Full color logos.  Choose from 15 designs.
Dog Tag Key Ring Set with black silencer Authentic military dog tags set with black silencers.
Dog Tag Key Ring
Our Price: $5.99
Military Dog Tag Set
Our Price: $6.99
One dog tag, one split ring and one silencer.
This is the dog tag set currently issued to soldiers.

Military dog tags may have started with our Armed Forces but you can use them for anything. We get requests for tags for birthday parties, anniversaries, graduation parties and anything else you can think of. We have modern machines which use a raised text. The older machines use a sunken or debossed text so please take note of your tags if you are trying to make duplicates.ent Review