Articles about dog tags

Dog Dog Tags

Yes, we have dog tags for dogs. They are made by Red dingo and they are a high end enamel filled stainless steel tag.  The Red Dingo tags make excellent pet id and they look awesome. Set your pet apart from the pack with these.

Gifts for mom

Check out out dog tags for a unique Mothers Day gift.  Military dog tags are a unique personalized gift that is relatively inexpensive.  Order yours now to make sure they arrive in time for mom.

Dog Tags for Halloween Costumes

Military dog tags prove popular during the Halloween season. The most common being Maverick from the Top Gun movie and Wolverine. Military themed costumes are relatively inexpensive since you can find old BDU's at thrift shops. The dog tags just give it that final touch to make it look authentic.

Gifts for the groomsmen

If you are not sure what to get your groomsmen consider military dog tags.  They can be personalized with an individual message for each person.  They are very reasonably priced in case you are on a tight budget.  Also, don't forget the ring bearers because kids really love receiving dog tags as gifts. It's always best to get your orders in early so you have them in plenty of time.  It will be one less thing you have to worry about. 

Medical ID dog tags

The military issues red aluminum dog tags to those with certain medical conditions. These are in addition to the stainless steel tags issued to every soldier. The aluminum tags are slightly larger than the standard issue dog tags and require a slight adjustment on our machines to emboss them. Unfortunately we no longer sell them. The demand for them was not enough to justify the time necessary to adjust our embossers.

What kinds of tags do you have for my pets?

We sell Pet tags by Red Dingo.  They manufacture and engrave the tags themselves.  We take the orders and the tags are mailed directly from their shops.  They are are very rugged shiny stainless steel tags with enamel filled colors.  They come in three sizes and many styles and colors.

Can I use dog tags for my pets?

Dog tags look great on a big, strong dog like a German Shepard, no doubt about it. The tags measure 2" x 1 1/8" so they are ideally suited for larger dogs. There are 5 lines available and each has 15 characters. That is plenty of room for your dog's name, address and phone number. Our dog tag key rings come with a split ring ideal for attaching to a collar.

What about Black Dog Tags?

Some special ops soldiers like black dog tags because of the reduced glare. However, the black finish is prone to flaking off so we no longer carry them.  The black tags most commonly sold are made using black powder coating. The problem is that as the tags are embossed, the powder coating is weakened and eventually flakes off. We had a couple of soldiers tell us that they simply spray painted their tags or just duct taped over them.

Do you make the blank tag?
We do emboss the blanks. We run the tag through our embossers and stamp your text on it. We buy the actual blanks from one of several manufacturers that make them for the military. There are no machines that take a piece of metal, cut out the dog tag shape and them emboss the letters.  Two completely machines are used for the process.

Duplicating dog tags

From time to time we get emails from customers after they receive their dog tags concerned that our tags do not look like the ones they were issued. We are careful to post large, sharp and accurate photos on our website of what our tags look like. Over the years tags have been made using many different models of machines and some operate differently than others. Tags have been made with the rolled edge up and some with the rolled edge down. Some with the hole on the left and others with the hole on the right. The biggest point of contention though is the text. The modern standard is raised text which is called embossed. Older machines used sunken or debossed text. When the military purchases new machines however they do not scrap all of the old ones. Many of these machines are very rugged and last for decades. That is why we still get the occasional Guard or Reservist soldier asking why the tags we sent them have raised text. Their units still use older machines. Your best bet is to look at the photos closely because not all dog tags were made alike.

Valentine's Day

The always popular military dog tags make great Valentine's Day presents for that special someone.  If you want an economical gift that you can personalize this is it.  Your special someone can wear your words around their neck all the time. Get your order in soon as Valentine's Day is a busy season.